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Welcome to my Test Web Page

Welcome to my web page in progress. Since this is a test web page where I can learn and develop my HTML
understanding, many things may seem sporadic at first. I have some familiarity with HTML from doing my own research
and messing around, but it has been a long time since I have used it extensively. Hopefully not too much has changed
and I can relearn much of it much quicker. As time goes by I will eventually have some structure to what is
contained in this page, but for now itís a learning experience so please bear with me. But first, I will give
a little background on myself and my dealing with computers.

Background Information

Ever since I have had access to a computer I have been fascinated by every facet. I didnít get into computers until
I was about 10 years old, but I was hooked at once. When I was 11, I was caught by my parents while in the process
of disassembling the computer we had. I had the hard drive, disk drive, and various other components lying on the
computer desk. From that point onward I have delved into many different things with computers.

I started with making web pages using HTML tags, without the use of a web page development program. I eventually
got to the point that I could make a pretty large page with many different features by just using the tags. Eventually
I got bored with it, so I stopped doing web pages and moved into more sophisticated aspects of computers. I started
building computers, learning how everything works together and all of that jazz. At this point I can build
a computer blindfolded (not really). I have messed around with C, C++, JAVA, and other languages, but I donít
really know too much about programming at the moment. While I donít have too much formal education in the area
of computers, I am radically changing that fact while pursuing my BS in Computer Science.

Links to pages I use:

Name of Page Link Description
Apple Computers Homepage Sales, support, troubleshooting, and web blogs dealing with all apple products.
Microsoft Homepage Very large site dealing with EVERYTHING with the Microsoft lable.
Tom's Hardware Homepage An awesome site for anyone who is a computer guru. Covers everything you can imagine!

And finally, my mean machine!